We have helped hundreds of actors score leads, guest stars, reccuring roles in TV and movies using what we refer to as 'The Template.'

The Template

We can take away your fear of auditions. You can know exactly what to do with any scene and do the best, most natural acting you’ve ever done in your life. And you can do it quickly. Guaranteed.

Here’s your issue: All acting classes since Stanislavsky require a director or teacher. We’re used to being directed what to do in a play. In class, we put up a scene, it’s okay or even good, the teacher tells us how to make it better, we do it again and hey! It’s better!

But all that does is make us rely on the teacher; we never learn how to get there on our own.



For most projects, producers and directors don’t have time to tell us what to do, because time to rehearse and direct costs money. In theatre, we rehearse a scene 45 times before opening night. In a 1-hour drama, you shoot two takes of a scene and you do it without a rehearsal. And that’s with all the lights, makeup, wardrobe, blocking, sound, camera blocking and script changes being perfect! In our auditions, they need to know we can handle that. Without direction.

When we get off our ‘Day Job’ at 1am and have an 8 page audition for the new David E. Kelley pilot at 10am, we freak because we’re used to being directed. We don’t really commit to our choices because we need to be told that they were okay. So then we’re a little general, and then, because we know we’re general, we overcompensate with BIG acting which results in overacting and we’re terrible and don’t get the job we were perfect for and we have no idea what the hell went wrong!


Learn How to Exceed what is expected

You can know exactly what’s needed in the scene and exactly what they want from you before you go into the room. Without direction. And you won’t believe how amazing your acting is. You can learn how to deliver the best, most natural audition you’ve ever done, and you can do it in 5 minutes or less. Guaranteed. And you’ll have a blast doing it.

Even when it looks like magic, acting doesn’t have to be some big mystery.
— Billy O'Leary